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Ghostly is like hiring CMO talent at an entry level price

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"Ghostly is insanely good. They've taken content creation off my plate and fast-tracked us from a being an unknown social account to an engaged brand.Ghostly is like hiring a full-time content creator, algorithm expert, and distributor all in one."
- Niko Ludwig, Founder BetterPitch

What we offer

Your all in one team


Full access to world-class content writers to grow your audience on LinkedIn, Twitter, or email


Our built-in distribution network works to amplify your content, reaching thousands


Seamlessly integrate fully custom social ads with dozens of vetted niche social creators

Why Ghostly

  • Founded by creators who've amassed 5M+ cumulative followers

  • Ability to tap into 50+ niche creator personalities

  • We've partnered with 25+ happy brands and business leaders

  • We've delivered 500M+ social impressions for clients


Dedicated writing team

Access to a world-class content writer, content strategist, algorithm expert, and 24/7 support



content and advertising

All in Ghostwriter, plus exclusive access to creator advertising, custom ad development, and ongoing optimization


Case studies

Quiver Quantitative

  • The 3 month campaign targeting retail stock and crypto investors drove 25k unique users to their landing pages, resulting in thousands of free users and hundreds of paid users spending $29/mo. - $59/mo. A/B tested multiple custom creatives.

Autopilot App

  • Targeting retail and accredited investors, the active campaign averages 5k unique users to their app store page per month, resulting in hundreds of paid users spending $10/mo. and hundreds of thousands of attributed deposited AUM. A/B tested multiple custom creatives.


  • Targeting decision-makers, the active campaign averages 500k+ impressions to their weekly threads, resulting in thousands of new followers, hundreds of new email subscribers, and hundreds of qualified leads to their website weekly. We’ve consulted with custom thread writing for maximum performance and our top amplified thread has reached 8 million unique views.


  • Full ghostwriting responsibilities, the active partnership averages 1M+ impressions monthly, up 100x from their in-house efforts. Campaign results include thousands of new followers and hundreds of qualified new user sign-ups.